Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A whirlwind of a week (two weeks ago!)

I must be the only one just recovering from half term (now seems like a life time ago), we had a good time with some planned (arts and crafts) and unplanned activities (e.g. a panto) and somehow, a birthday party found its way into my diary for the Sunday before school resumption - wondering why it wasn’t done BEFORE Sunday, during the week long break!

Valentine’s Day came and went, just like that save some exchange of lovely cards, chocolate, ice-cream, Bailey’s Irish Cream.  Are we getting too old for this?  I didn’t even remember until I spotted the card with other half…and even then I was wondering what the celebration was.

I’ve found some time to go to the salon (yes, I look human and female again) and was able to sit down in a cafĂ© afterwards; alone-by myself-with me, to eat in peace.

As if I haven’t enough to worry about, I now have very sudden childcare issues, yes, dropped me in it.  Needless to say, I’m in the market to recruit another nanny.  This then brings me onto the subject of my numeracy course (“Back to school for you know who…”).  Well, considering my childcare issues just now, I had to withdraw BUT I hope to register again, when it’s more suitable to attend.  A real shame because I was finding the course very informative and interesting.

I was very excited to see the headlines about proposed cap to high fares during school holidays.  I’m still catching up (excuse me) so I’ll find out how the vote went.  I’m all for this one but wonder how feasible it will be to implement.  Who pays the difference?  I incidentally touched on this in a previous post: Our elusive family holiday, 8th February 2014).

Oh and the good news is we settled for the Ford Galaxy, my post “7 seaters with big boot space – too much for a family to ask…?.  So, watch this space for a first hand review.

I think we’ve sorted out outfits World Book Day on Thursday.

That’s all for now…more structure when I’m more focused next weekJ